Granny Square Throw Pillow

Several years ago, during my daily reading of the Craft Blog I came across this giant Granny Square Blanket Tutorial by the purl bee.  I was absolutely mesmerized by the color selection and amazed to see a granny square project I actually liked.  At the time, I didn’t need a blanket, but I did have an old throw pillow that needed some sprucing up.

I basically followed the tutorial on the purl bee, but played around a bit with colors.  In order to maximize the versatility of this pillow (and because I couldn’t decide on only one color scheme) the two sides of the pillow use different colors and a different pattern.  Which do you prefer?
Granny Square Pillow on my Couch

Granny Square Pillow

Side 1

Granny Square Pillow

Side 2



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One Response to Granny Square Throw Pillow

  1. Lisa says:

    a classic!!

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