Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are great, but they have several major flaws:

  1. You need to find a place to hang them that is near power
  2. You need to remember to turn them on
  3. They are ugly when they are not turned on
  4. They use power

My alternative to hanging holiday lights this year was to make some eco (no power) amigurumi lights.  I am so happy with how these turned out, that they make me smile and give me as much holiday cheer as the electric ones!

I made this string of holiday lights by following this pattern for a light bulb ornament from Crochet Cafe Patterns. I ended up only making a string of 5 because I wanted it to fit a doorway or small window.  I connected these lights with an 3 stitch I-cord.

Keeping with the eco theme, I stuffed these light bulbs using old plastic shopping bags (that already had holes in them so they were useless for kitty litter).

String of 5 Crocheted Holiday LightsCloseup of a single crocheted holiday light



About amyhurst

Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in Human-Centered Computing and Assistive Technology
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